Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is the fourth installation of blogs on jewelry care specific to organics hosted by Avaia Artistic Jewelry. One common problem that can occur with horn jewelry items is warpage. Horn warps when either the horn was not properly dried prior to carving and then was shipped to the customer before the moisture content stabilized, or is due to exposing horn jewelry to moisture. You should never shower or get horn jewelry wet. Having said that, not all is lost and you may be able to repair the damage depending on the degree of warpage and the fragility of the horn. This technique may not work for all items, but you may meet with success if you are willing to try it. The first thing you need to do is soak the jewelry back in water for at least 24 hours. The moisture content needs to be increased again so that the jewelry can be reshapened. Once soaked, towel dry the jewelry and place in the middle of a heavy book. Much like pressing flowers, you now need to stack significant weight onto the book. It is suggested that the items stay pressed in the book for 2 to 4 weeks. The longer, the greater the chance of success. Shine and colour can be brought back into the jewelry once it has dried with a light coating of jojoba oil. And there you have it. Repaired and reshapen ear gauges or other horn jewelry. Would you rather just buy something new. Visit Avaia Artistic Jewelry and check out our amazing selection of quality jewelry at rock bottom prices.flower20120802_43

One of a kind SATIRE organic spiral ear gauges - only at Avaia Artistic Jewelry

satire silverinlay2
At Avaia Artistic Jewelry we pride ourselves on being able to offer some unique, one of a kind designs to our customers. The Satire style is hand carved out of organic buffalo horn with sterling silver inlay. We specifically commissioned this design for Avaia and we don't expect that you will find it anywhere else. We are currently offering a special on this design - click here. Once they are gone, we will not be getting more in stock. Don't pass up your chance to own one of our unique earring styles. Available in 12g through 1/2"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Product - Amazing hand carved Tigris ear gauges

We put our fair trade artisans in Indonesia hard at work to create these one of a kind ear gauges. Whether you call them spacers, plugs, weights or stretchers, these will get attention! Hand carved out of areng wood with bone inlay teeth and eyes, the amount of detail in these earrings is sure to impress. The tiger is a symbol of strength and we have insured the detail in these will live up to the tiger's reputation. We will not be getting these back in stock. Supply is limited so if you want something different from everyone else, now is the time.View item details at Avaia Artistic Jewelry

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Body Jewelry and Ear Gauges for your Generation - we have for sale the selection, material, and quality you are looking for at affordable prices

<a href="">LinkedTube</a> We have the quality, price and style you want!

Monday, October 21, 2013

One of a Kind, Custom, Original Ear Gauges

Not everyone wants the next fad design in jewelry.  Avaia Artistic Jewelry commissions original work, rare and detailed work, as well as custom designs for our customers.

Occasionally we get requests for custom designs.  Although we at Avaia Artistic Jewelry do not carve ourselves, our artisans in Indonesia are happy to help out with custom orders.   These orders typically take some time to complete, but they can be worth the wait!

We had a request for a tiger design in a hanging ear gauge.  Check out what our artisans could do for our customer!
We have also hosted a design contest for the last two years that lets our facebook fans choose the winner.  The winner receives a nice prize package in exchange for the use of his or her design.  Below you will see the design winners over the last three years.

Calla Lilly in Horn

Hanging Cat in Sabo Wood (not oiled in photograph)

Sometimes we, at Avaia Artistic Jewelry ,have a vision for a design that our carvers exquisitely capture.
We can also commission work other than body jewelry.  These cute, little havanese dog pendants were the work of our artisans as a special commissioned project.


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Saturday, October 19, 2013

How big should you gauge your ears?

People begin the process of stretching their ears with many different goals.  But how big is too big for you?  We'v decided to talk about this topic from our experience at Avaia Artistic Jewelry.  We have ear gauges for sale in all sizes, but this little guide may help you decide how quickly to stretch up, and when to decide to stop.
If having your ears return to a normal appearance is an option that you want, we suggest that you stop somewhere between a 4g and 2g.  Most people (there are individual differences of course and this is only a guide), can stretch to this size and return to wearing standard gauge earrings (with a bit of stretchy lobes) and no noticable hole.  Some people may be able to stretch larger, but the "point of no return" varies from individual to individual.  The photo below shows an individual that had stretched to a 00g, or about 9.5mm, after a rest from stretching, and minor plastic surgery to repair the stretch.
The type of jewelry that you plan wear is also a significant factor when deciding how far to go.  Hanging styles typically are sold up to a 1/2" gauge size, and you may find limited styles in larger gauges, but they are far less common.
Plugs can start as small as a 10g, but they are hardly noticable at this size and would lack detail.  Tunnels may begin at 4g, but really begin at 2g with a variety of styles.  If you are looking for detailed carvings in your plugs and tunnels, you may have to stretch as large as 1/2" to get the detail that you are looking for.
The type of material plays a factor as well.  Bone gauges are limited in hanging styles to a size of 0g at best as bone, in general, is not a thick material to carve when working with flat pieces.  Bone tunnels can be larger in size as long bone is used, which is naturally hollow.
Horn can be carved in gauges of all sizes, but hanging styles will still be limited in the larger sizes.
Wood has no limit in carving sizes, but is quite fragile in the smaller gauge sizes.
Stone and glass has no limit in plug size, but becomes quite heavy in larger sizes.
Shell gauges are limited to the thickness of the shell, and are generally available in sizes under 0g, with occasional sizes that are larger.
Whatever you decide, we at Avaia Artistic Jewelry would be happy to help you with your decision.  Visit our website at or drop us a note at  Please visit our facebook page or our wordpress blog.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sizing Guide to Stretching your Ears
So you want to see what those plugs are going to look like in your ears? We've compiled a photo so you can get a better idea of how big you want to go. We are also going to give you some advice based on what your stretching goals are. There is a lot of advice out there and by all means, what we state is not the golden rule. Do your research before you begin the process.
Firstly, don't rush the stretching process. Those that are patient and allow time to heal will find that the stretching process is not painful and that the earlobe retains more elasticity and the likelyhood of damaging your earlobe lessens. A stretch a month is considered by many to be the right pace. Next, ensure you are using a proper stretching taper to complete the process. Don't force your tissues to stretch beyond their limits. Many consider somewhere between 2g and 0g the point of no return. Most people who stay within this limit and decide to wear standard earrings, will do so without problems. However every person is different and stretching is considered a body modification. Don't stretch larger than you are willing to live with when you are older. Minor plastic surgery is an option for those that extreme stretch and then want their "old" ears back.
When stretching, one thing to consider is limits on the types of jewelry that can easily be purchased and worn. Tunnels typically start around 2g and can go up in size for the largest of stretches. Plugs start at 12g, but do not hit a realistic size for many people until a minimum of 6g or 4g. Double flared plugs are 0.5mm - 1.5mm on the flares larger than the wearing area. So if you are a 4g, the wearable area is 5mm, but the flares may easily be 6mm. Hanging styles can nicely be worn in smaller stretches. For bone and horn, there are limits to the sizes in which gauges can be made in hanging styles. Typically for bone, that limit is 0g. The limit for horn may be up to 1/2". Larger hanging styles can be accomodated in wood. Organics are beautiful, but they are not as durable as stainless steel and other metals and require special care and cleaning.